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With TwoDo, things are finally getting crossed off our list. My husband sees the requests in his email and responds right away. A miracle, indeed!

Kathleen Harris, editor

What is TwoDo?

TwoDo is the easiest way for couples to share and remember little and big things to do, from making doctor appointments to picking up a birthday cake. Say goodbye to piles of paper notes and missed messages. With TwoDo, just send us an email and we’ll make sure the task is not forgotten.

  1. Make it work for your couple style.

    TwoDo is designed to keep you both happy, whether you're the list-maker or just the one who gets them done (realistically, you could be both).

    "Did you finish it yet?”

    Never get asked this again. See a shared list of what's been completed and what's left to do.

  2. Less stress

    Whether you remember something for yourself or your partner, TwoDo takes care of remembering.

    Access from anywhere

    Check your dashboard any time, on any device: PC, iPhone, iPad or Android device via

    There when you need it

    When a thought occurs to you, fire off an email to and we will take care of the rest.

  3. All you need is email.

    You don’t have to download an app—or remember to check it! Just email with the request and we'll make sure it gets done.